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A Client-facing or sub-contractor, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. We offer competitive pricing as well as safe and professional workers for your project


We are not new to the concrete as industry, our amazing partners have kept us in business. We use the best possible materials and deliver our product on-time, at a fair price that is in-line with our competitors.

Experienced Professionals

No matter the size of the project you have in mind, our management team has decades of experience that can be counted on to produce a quality product, on-time and on budget.

Each Project

Attention to detail and communication; we do not employ sales persons. From the time a job is agreed upon, to the time the client signs off, it’s all about accountability.

Quality Control

Strict quality control is essential to everything we do. Unlike most contractors, we monitor every phase of every project.

Warrantied Work

Qualified stands behind all of our projects. If we take the job, we stand behind it. Period.

Individual approach

We have the ability to flexibly scale and tailor our scope of services to each project, meeting the diverse needs of our clients

On time and on budget

Attention to detail, efficiency in production, listening and understanding the individual needs of customers is paramount for a successful project

Satisfied Clients

We respond to our customers high standards by aiming even higher

Committed to standards

By taking a proactive approach to quality control, we’re more likley to spot potential issues as soon as possible, keeping schedules on track and costs in check.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do. It’s true that most of our customers are builders and business owners working on medium-sized or large-scale projects. However, we also work on small-scale jobs for both businesses and homeowners. Importantly, we own a broad range of equipment suitable for working on smaller projects, including hand-held saws, push saws and skid-steer loaders. This means that you’ll never have to worry about paying for overpowered machines, or machines not suitable for working in tight or limited spaces.
Absolutely. Services we offer to homeowners include concrete cutting, concrete demolition and concrete, asphalt and cement repair. We also do residential excavation work. Whether you need to repair a driveway, replace a concrete slab or cut through concrete surfaces during construction or renovation, we have the equipment and experience needed to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining high standards for quality and cost-effectiveness.
Yes they are. We represent the very best in concrete construction and repair services. However, we’ve never left affordability out of the equation. In every case, we rely on our extensive experience and the scalability of our equipment to carry out cost-effective work plans that meet your project’s requirements without breaking your budget.
We accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We cannot process your card over the phone, a processing fee will be necessary.
Certainly. Since 2005, Qualified has provided commercial, industrial and residential services for clients throughout Texas. Whatever type of project you’re planning, we can supply you with an extensive list of satisfied customers, as well as examples of our previous work.

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